Our Teaching Staff

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   Head of English (Associate Assistant Principal)
   English Teacher (Covering Maternity Leave)
   English Teacher (On Materinity Leave)
   English Teacher
   English Teacher - Head of School - Y8
   English Teacher
   English Teacher
   English Teacher - KS3 Coordinator


   Head of Maths (Associate Assistant Principal) - DDSL
   Maths Teacher
   Maths Teacher
   Maths Teacher - Head of Year 7 - Transition
   Maths Teacher
   Maths Teacher (Vice Principal)
 Maths Teacher
   Maths Teacher (Assistant Principal - DSL)
 Behaviour & Attendance
   Computing Teacher

 Science & DT

   Head of Science & DT (Associate Assistant Principal) 
 New Technologies & E-Learning) 
   Science Teacher
   Science Teacher
   Science Teacher
   Science Teacher - Head of School Year 9
   Food Technology & Art Teacher
   Food, Graphics & RM Teacher
   Resistant Materials Teacher
   DT Technician
   Science Technician


   History Teacher
   History Teacher - (Assistant Principal) - On Maternity Leave
 Inclusion & Vulnerable Students
   RE Teacher 

Modern Foreign Languages

    Head of World Studies  (Associate Assistant Principal)
 KS3 Curriculum & Head of School Year 11
   Language Teacher

Physical Education

  Head of Physical Education
   (Assistant Principal)
 Head of KS4 & Engagement & Achievement
   Physical Education Teacher - 
   Physical Education Technician

Creative Arts

   Music Teacher - Head of Creative Arts
   Art Teacher
   Drama Teacher
   Art Teacher

 Special Educational Needs 

   Assistant SENCO
   Learning Support Assistant
   Learning Support Assistant
   Learning Support Assistant / Maths Teaching  Assistant
   Learning Support Assistant
   Learning Support Assistant
   Learning Support Assistant
   Learning Support Assistant

Library Information Centre

   Librarian - Head of School Year 10

Cover Supervisors 

   Cover Supervisor