Our Support Staff


 Verity Smith  PA to the Principal &Office Manager
 Sue Graham  Clerk to the Governors (Ansford Academy Trust)
 Samantha Elsworth  Cover Supervisor and Exams Assistant
 Joanna Dyal  Assessment Coordinator and Exams Officer
 Angela Spencer  Website Administrator
 Valerie Standing-Gill  Administration
 Leanne Sweetlove  Attendance Improvement Officer
   Cover Administrator / Receptionist
 Samantha Lowe  Receptionist and Safeguarding Administrator

Business & Finance

 Rebecca Comyns  Business Manager (Chief Operating Officer)
 Helen Martin  Finance Manager
 Helen Hart  Finance Officer
 Glenn Tracey  Network Manager
 Rhys Wills  ICT Technician (Apprentice)

Catering (Provided by Caterlink)

 Claire Gray  Catering Assistant
 Gemma Holloway  Catering Manager
 Jane Wake  Catering Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

 Di Pinnions  Lunchtime Supervisor

Site Maintenance

 Gary Farrant  Site Manager
 Zoe Mitchell  Caretaker
 Jeff Loader  Caretaker & Maintenance
 Richard King  Caretaker & Maintenance
 Angie Higdon  Cleaner
 Linda Hollinshead  Cleaner
 Malcolm King  Cleaner
 Zoe Leyman  Cleaner
 Di Pinnions  Cleaner
 Kat Wiess  Cleaner

Student Support Services

 Wendy Hester  Chaplain
 Poppy Lopez  Educational Psychologist
 Carrie McMullan  Academy Nurse
 Cassie Reynolds  Parent Family Support Advisor & Team Around the School Coordinator
 Mandy Wilcox  Parent Family Support Advisor
 Vicky   Youth Worker
 Wendy Watson  Careers Advisor & Block Work Experience Coordinator
 Jackie Woodman  Student Counsellor