Parent Parliament

The Academy appreciates that parents have an essential role to make all of our students successful.  We have therefore introduced new Parent Parliaments to ensure that parents have a clear voice in the way that the academy functions.  It is an opportunity to discuss key topics with the opportunity to ask questions or raise any other concerns.

You as parents are an important stakeholder in the success of our students and offer a valuable contribution to how we can best guide our students to reach their potential.  To enable parents to have the opportunity to present their ideas, both on current issues and ideas for future development, we host our ‘Parents Parliament’ in the first half of every term. 

This is centered around an informal agenda drawn up from current areas of importance for the Academy and issues raised by parents, although parents are welcome to raise any other area of concern.  A summary of the discussion is shared on our website and Facebook page and leads to a ‘working party’ meeting in the second half of the half term that works to resolve the key issues discussed.