Our Students

The academy has a fully comprehensive intake, with an above-average proportion of very able students.

There is effective additional support for students requiring it and a MABLE Coordinator organises activities for students with exceptional abilities.

That said, we are absolutely committed to ensuring equal value is given to everyone in the academy and various intervention strategies are used to help get the best for every student.

About 85% of our students go on to further education and a further 10% go into modern apprenticeships.

Many students build on their education at Ansford Academy to go on to university.


We have a Prefect Team of 20 Year 11 students who are responsible for all Academy tours and supporting Parents Evenings. 

Senior Prefects

We appoint three Senior Prefects who are selected by the Principal.  They are responsible for all primary visits, managing the Prefect Team, leading the School Council and assisting with Staff Appointments.

In addition to the role of prefects, other Year 11 positions of responsibility include bus supervision, music, PE and ICT Department Support, Librarian and Numeracy and Literacy Mentoring.

School Council

The new school council Model, designed by the full prefects, follows the school staffing model and has representatives from tutor groups and year groups as well as Subject Champions who are advocates for their chosen subjects. Students apply and are elected in an anonymous voting process, again designed by the full prefects. This ensures it is not a popularity contest but a system focused on what students believe in and how they present their ideas. 

Year 10 & 11 Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentors are a team of Year 10 & 11 students who undergo professional training sessions at the beginning of the year to help them deal with a variety of possible situations.  They generally work on a one-to-one basis offering emotional support and/or practical advice when life gets challenging for other students.  They generally work with year 7 and 8 students but can provide support to students from any year group within the school.  

The scheme is co-ordinated by members of our pastoral support team who work closely with our Mentors and also Jackie Woodman our school counsellor.