Meet the Principal - Shonogh Pilgrim

I am pleased to introduce myself to you as Principal of Ansford Academy. Having grown up in a small mining town in the North East of England, I moved to Bristol in 1992 to pursue a degree in Psychology and Health Science, at the University of the West of England. I was the first member of my family to study at university and I am extremely thankful to my parents who dared to want more for their only child than was traditionally expected. They instilled in me a belief that education was to be highly prized, and a work ethic that meant I should only ever be satisfied when I had given of my best. These principles are woven into the fabric of my being and underpin the adult I have become.

After graduating from University I worked as a special educational needs teaching assistant, before completing a PGCE in Secondary Science. Since qualifying as a teacher I have taught in three schools in the South West. The students, staff and parents with whom I have worked over this time have each had an impact on my practice; I have been privileged to work with some very inspirational people.

I started my career teaching A Level Psychology but was quickly promoted to the position of Head of Year. This was a role I enjoyed very much and one which ignited my passion for making a difference to the lives of students. The most rewarding parts of my career have been the opportunities to watch students in my care face the challenges of learning and life, and celebrate with them the successes that their hard work meant they so much deserved.

Throughout my career I have worked relentlessly to ensure that every student, regardless of ability or background, was given the opportunity to be the best they could be. The joy of being a leader in education is that I have more influence to be able to make this happen.

Shonogh Pilgrim