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All Out Workout

As the weather has taken a turn over the past few days, here's a circuit programme Darebee.com/AlloutWorkout that you can do in your living room with no equipment.

Bottle Flipping

Bring Sally Up Bring Sally Down Video

Card Circuit

Coordination Practice

Family Mile Board Game

Four Square - Friday

Hannah Montana Hoedown

Interval Training

a) On their own or in pairs (parents can help) run to different colour cones to score 21 points. Each cone counts for a different colour. Cones set 5 - 10m apart. If you do not have cones use something else a as marker eg rolled up socks i. Red 5 - 10m = 1 ii. Yellow 10 - 20m = 3 iii. Blue 15 - 30m = 5 (furthest)
b) Allow them time to come up with a strategy to obtain the 21 points. c) If you do not have a large garden this could be done in a park or the distances reduced 2 MINUTE INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE: a) In their pairs 1 person runs for 2 minutes partner counts their score /encourages b) What happened when I started to count down? – Sprint finish – Really important
c) Ask who at the end felt they had more to give?
d) Speak if they did this for a long duration it would be continuous training

Isolation Football Challenge

James Corden - Shirt off Shoot Out Challenge

Just Dance Challenge

Learn to Juggle

Oh Na Na - Dance Challenge

Roll the Dice

Roxanne Burpee Challenge

Spell Your Name Challenge

Step Count

Your challenge today is to complete as many steps as you can!  This can be done in various different ways. You could walk, run, go up and down stairs or steps or just walk around your house or garden. For this you will need a step count on a phone or watch or you can plan a route with a set distance (you may have to use google to transfer it into steps).

The Floor is Lava

Before undertaking this challenge please make sure you check with your parents or an adult at home first.

The Plank Challenge

How long can you hold a plank for?  Watch the video to make sure you are doing it correctly.

The Plank Race

V-SIT to Music

Before the Easter holiday I challenged you to how many V-Sits can you do in 1 min. This time round we going to do V-Sits music. Watch and copy the video even get your household involved.

A reminder on how to do V-SITs