E-Safety Code of Practice Nov 2019-Nov 2022

At Ansford Academy we believe that students are most successful when they become autonomous learners who are able to take responsibility for their learning.   We believe it is vitally important to teach our students the skills required to use devices in the correct way to best prepare them for the future.   We are aware that a large number of students have their own device and we encourage them to use them as a tool for learning both at Ansford Academy and at home.

How will students benefit from having access to a device within Ansford Academy?

  • Allows students, within our curriculum structure, to take responsibility for their own learning and gives them opportunities to explore their own interests through student agency.  
  • Encourages students to take initiative, enhances their cognitive ability, allows them to take control, increases motivation, and allows students to respond to their class activities.
  • Provides opportunities for students to utilize the incredible technology that is available to support learning.
  • Allows students to collaborate with peers and staff to consolidate and share ideas.
  • Assists students to work independently and be in control of their own learning with teachers working alongside them as the learning coach.
  • Gives students limitless access to information, resources, independent tasks and the Ansford Academy Learning Portal.

Do I have to supply a device for my child to bring to school? 

  • It is not mandatory for students to bring their own device.  However, we strongly encourage students to do so for the reasons set out above.   The Academy has a small number of Chromebooks which may be made available for students who do not have a device to access, subject to allocation.  Computers are available within IT Rooms, principally for whole class use.

Safe Storage

  • Students have access to both large lockers and IT lockers for storage.

Policy for Use

  • The use of devices is covered in the E-Safety policy available on our website.
  • mobile phones are not included with the definition of 'device.

For any queries regarding this please contact Karl Musson at the Academy either by phone to 01963 350895 or by email to