Results 2015

GCSE Results 2015 - Attainment


5A*- C

5A*- C
Eng & Mat
5A*- G Average
Point Score
Ansford 2015 73.9% 59.1% 99.1% 405 
LEA 2014 % 58% 96%  
National 2014 64% 55% 92%  362


GCSE Results 2015 - EBAC


Pass Rate

 49 67.3%


GCSE Results 2015 - Progress
75% 65.2%

Press Release 2015

Shonogh Pilgrim, Principal said, “As always we are very proud of the achievements of our students. Seeing them receive their results was an absolute delight because so many of them have exceeded their own expectations and reaped the rewards for their diligence and hard work. Despite increased rigour and huge changes to grade boundaries in some subjects, Ansford Academy students have worked hard to achieve the qualifications they need to move on to the next stages of their lives”. 

Ansford students performed particularly well across a wide range of academic subjects, securing strong results for the English Baccalaureate measure. Ansford students excelled in English with an impressive 75% of them achieving A*-C grades. In Maths the percentage of students achieving A*-C remained above the national average as it has done for the past three years, and in science 80% of students achieved A*-C grades. 59% of students achieved 5A*-C including English and maths. An impressive 20% of all grades achieved were A* or A and 48% of students achieved at least 1 top grade.

While the achievements of all of the students in Year 11 are to be celebrated, those of a number of students are particularly impressive:

Jonny Ellis 9A*, 1A, 1B plus B in Additional Maths
Jessica Pate 7A*, 3A, 1B
Megan Wincott 6A*, 4A, 1B plus B in Additional Maths
Carolyn Browse 5A*, 5A, 1B plus A in Additional Maths

Owen Rowles A*- 6, A- 3, B-1

Also Mary White 1A*, 8A, 3B, Asher Knight 7A*, 4B plus A in Additional Maths, Jessica Payne 3A*, 4A, 2B, 1C, Chloe Samuels 2A*, 5A, 3B, Alex Godfrey Henry 2A*, 3A, 4B, Katie Healy 2A*, 4A, 2B, 3C plus B in Additional Maths, Emily Mitchell 2A*, 2A, 7B

We are also very proud of Emily Bishop and Honor Loxton Scott who made exceptional progress across all of their subjects.