Results 2017  

GCSE Results 2017 - Attainment


8 Score
Eng & Mat
Eng EBacc
Eng EBacc
Ansford 2017 43.3% 58.6% 13.8% 24.1%
LEA 2016 50.2% 62.8%* 19.9% 35.5%
All Schools
England 2016
48.5% 59.3%* 23.1% 36.8%

  * GCSE A*-C in English * Maths

GCSE Results 2017 - Progress

51.9% 37%


Press Release

Shonogh Pilgrim, Principal said,

“We are very proud of the achievements of all of our students. Seeing them receive their results was an absolute delight because so many of them have exceeded their own expectations and reaped the rewards for their diligence and hard work. Despite significant changes to GCSE examinations and increased rigour this year, Ansford Academy students have worked hard to achieve the qualifications they need to move on to the next stages of their lives. I am sure that the students receiving their results would want to thank their teachers and parents for all of they have done to support them to achieve of their best”.  

Ansford students performed well across a wide range of subjects but we are particularly proud of fantastic results in French this year with 86% achieving A*-C. In English, 72% of them achieved grade 4 or above, while in Maths the percentage of students achieving grade 4 or above was 64%.  This enabled 59% of students to achieve grade 4 or above in both English and Maths. While the number of top grades awarded nationally fell this year, 18% of all grades achieved at Ansford were A* or A and 36% of our students achieved at least 1 top grade.

Rosie Harrison: 12 GCSE’s- Maths 9, English 8+8, 7A*, 2A. Rosie studied GCSEs not only at school but also in her own time. She achieved A* and A in Spanish and French.

Charlie Graham:  10 GCSE’s- Maths 9, English 8+6, 7A*. Charlie achieved full marks in both History papers and 2 Maths papers dropping only 5 marks in his whole Maths GCSE!

Toby Appleby: 10 GCSE’s- Maths 9, English 9+8, 2A*, 4A, 1B

Jasmine Cryer: 10 GCSE’s- Maths 9, English 8+7, 1A*, 5A, 1B. Jasmine has also secured a prestigious Arkwright Scholarship.

Tom Christensen: 10 GCSE’s- Maths 8, English 8+6, 1A*, 5A, 1B

Maisie Cryer: 10 GCSE’s- Maths 9, English 7+6, 6A, 1B

Charlotte Linscott: 10 GCSE’s- Maths 8, English 8+7, 3A*, 4A

Isobel Presdee: 10 GCSE’s- Maths 8, English 8+5, 6A, 1B

Holly Taylor: 10 GCSE’s- Maths 7, English 8+7, 2A*, 4A, 1B

We are also very proud of Rodrigo Sobral, Nat Gough, Niamh Dyson, Callum Powell, Anya Paddock, Oliver Johnston, Amy Baker, Anna Norris and Ben Bowering who made exceptional progress across all of their subjects. All of the students achieving top grades also do so by achieving exceptional progress. 

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