Academy Uniform 

There are many very special things about Ansford as a learning community but perhaps the most important one is the way in which each child is encouraged to develop and grow as AN INDIVIDUAL.  Our uniform is designed to allow our students to express themselves as individuals while clearly signalling to the world that they are a member of our community.  I want our students to wear their uniform smartly as an outward expression of their pride in belonging to the Ansford Academy family. 

The uniform has the colours of grey, black and maroon running through it because these are the colours which have represented Ansford for years. You will notice that the logo  is made up of individual arcs of grey, black and maroon that sweep together to form the ‘A’ of Ansford. This symbolises the coming together of individual members of the academy to produce the dynamic learning community we hold so dear.

There is no denying that the purchase of uniform can be costly and time consuming for families. In acknowledgement of this we have worked alongside to create a cost effective and easily available uniform that has something for everyone. We are satisfied that the clothing available from is of high quality and that it is designed to stand up to the challenges of everyday wear.

I trust that the information on this page and in our booklet will answer all of your questions and that you will feel able to support us in implementing a uniform that reflects our uniqueness.



To make purchasing as easy as possible, most items are available to purchase from which we would strongly recommend.

Any items purchased from alternative suppliers must be the same colour and shade as those available from our recommended supplier and must meet the requirements of the Dress Code.

All Students



  Blazer - Badged with Academy logo.
  The blazer must be worn at all times apart from in
  lessons, when eating in the canteen or if playing sport.

  Shirt  -  Plain Long or Short Sleeve
  The shirt must be worn tucked in.
  Must be knee length (no more than 2 cm above the knee)
  and must be one of the  approved styles.
  Skin tight jersey / stretchy skirts are not permitted.
  Trousers or Knee Length Shorts 
  Must be of the approved style only.  Not skin tight, jeans or
  legging style. Trousers must be full length.
  V Neck Jumper/Cardigan/Sleeveless Pullover
  Can be worn under the blazer, but not instead of the blazer.
  All these items must be V-necked.  No sweatshirts are allowed.
Black, Grey,
or Maroon
  Academy  Tie
  Must be work with a small knot covering the top button of the
  Belts (Purse) Black, Grey
or Maroon
  Pin Badges
  Students can choose from the approved styles
Approved Style
  Tights  Black, Grey
or Natural
  Socks & Tights Black, Grey or Natural tights 
or black,grey or White socks.

  Shoes (Sensible) 
  Black daps or trainers/plimsolls are permitted as long as they
  have no white/logos present on the shoe or sole.  
  Short plain black boots may be worn under trousers.
  The following are not acceptable - medium and high heels,
  open toed, decorated, 'crocs' or sandals.

  Hair Natural shades
  Must be discreet, No facial piercings except for discreet
   nose stud.
  Must be discreet.  No thick eye liner, dark eye shadow or
  obvious lipstick.

Physical Education Uniform

All Physical Education kit must contain the Ansford Academy Badged Logo
and can be purchased from RAM Sports - Wincanton.

 All Students

   Polo Shirt - with Academy Logo Maroon Pique
  Rugby Shirt - Reversible Maroon with White Band
  Shorts - with Academy Logo Black
  Socks - Long Black
  Trainers (PE)  
  Football Boots (Recommended)  
  Shin Pads (Recommended)  
  Tracksuit (OPTIONAL) Black (plain)
  Mouthguard (OPTIONAL)