Academy Transport

At the Academy the 80-85% our out students are transported to and from the Academy on a bus.  The remaining 15-20% travel by car, share a lift with a friend or walk to school.

Out of Catchment Area -Transport

Children traveling to school on the public service (Libra Travel 31 - villages served include Upton Noble, Nunney,  Wanstrow  and Frome) who are out of catchment, not attending their nearest school or who live less than 3 miles from their nearest or catchment school,  can purchase a weekly ticket from the driver when boarding the bus. 

Up to date timetable information is available on

Parents seeking clarification about any aspect of transport to the Academy should contact Samantha Elsworth on 01963 350895 

County Transport on Freephone 
0300 123 2224.

To apply for transport you must contact the Local Authority on 0300 123 2224.