Our Ethos

 The focus of everyone's lives at the Academy, the students and the teachers and associate staff, is on learning and achieving.  We set high academic and personal expectations so that students can both enjoy their time here and move successfully to the next phase of their lives.

Photography by Cleverbox.co.uk

We know that young people achieve best when they are confident learners, known and supported as individuals.  We put a high value on our rich curriculum and the challenge our teachers provide to help all students reach their potential.  We value every student both for who they are and for who they may become.

Our students learn to live and work in a community based on good behaviour, trust and respect for diversity, so they can grow and discover for themselves how they want to lead their lives.  We are proud of the initiative, endeavour and creativity of our students, not only for what they achieve for themselves, but what they do for others.

Reviewed Oct 2016