Non Uniform Day Fundraising 2015-16

As a school we have agreed to support six non-uniform (mufti) days a year and cake stalls on a Friday morning.   Our students are very keen to raise funds for a wide range of charities.    To ensure all are able to have their charities represented, our Senior Prefects lead a School Council meeting in July of each year to discuss which charities to support.  The School Council is made up of one representative from each tutor group across the whole school.  At this meeting they consider which charities to support plus any requests from students for new charities.   At the meeting this year, the Student Council decided to support:

  • Children in Need
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Comic/Sport Relief
  • Prom Committee

The school has six days allocated for non uniform fundraising.  This year multiple charities were suggested so the Student Council decided to split the last two days between the various charities and have nominated one day as 'Global Charities Day' and the other as 'Local Charities Day' which will enable students to donate to a charity of their choosing. 

Global Charities Day

  • Zambia Exchange
  • Send a Cow
  • UNICEFS School in a Box 
  • Toilet Twinning

Local Charities Day

  • Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance
  • St Margaret's Hospice

This is a fully democratic process with students deciding the charities to support.  No members of staff are involved in the decision.  

The next Student Council meeting to discuss non uniform fundraising will be in July 2016. 

Dates allocated during the school year for Non Uniform fundraising:

16th October 2015

13th November 2015

29th January 2016

18th March 2016

 6th May 2016

1st July 2016

Total money raised from fundraising during 2015 – 2016 through non-uniform days

Macmillan Coffee Morning 30th September 2015 £139.00
Send a Cow, Unicef & Toilet Twinning  16th October 2015 £454.05
Children in Need  13th November 2015 £
Mendip YMCA  (Sleep Rough)  10th December 2015 £877.47
Save the Children 17th December 2015 £116.27
Save the Children 29th January 2016 £470.00
Headway Brain Injury 3rd March 2016 £60.00
Sport Relief  18th March 2016 £530.00
Barnadoes 6th May 2016 £67.80
St Margarets Hospice 1st July 2016 £161.05
Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance  1st July 2016 £161.05
Multiple Sclerosis Society 1st July 2016 £161.05