Multi-Academy Trust Proposal Information

Posted on: 12/05/2017



Dear Parent/Carer

Nationally there has been direction over the last couple of years for schools to form and work within Multi Academy Trusts (MATs). The principle behind MATs is to support ongoing school improvements and find efficiencies by enabling groups of schools to work together to make the best use of funds and aid the recruitment and development of quality teachers.

King Arthur’s School and Ansford Academy have been working collaboratively for a number of years for the educational benefit of young people in east Somerset with a belief that it is right for schools within a locality to work together for the benefit of the community.

The creation of a MAT needs the approval of the Regional Schools Commissioner followed by a local consultation. While there is still some way to go, the Governing boards of Ansford Academy and King Arthur’s School would like to let you know that an application has been submitted to develop a Multi-Academy Trust based on a vision of “Rural Excellence.”

This is an exciting vision that we believe will develop both Ansford Academy and King Arthur’s school. It is the intention that other schools will join the trust to further extend opportunities for young people.

The governing boards are awaiting approval for their initial applications to form a MAT but do not expect a decision to be made until after the general election. We, of course, want to involve the whole school community and, if our application is successful we will start a period of consultation with parents, carers and others with an interest.


Yours sincerely           



Mrs Shonogh Pilgrim                                                Mr Chris Beech
Principal                                                                      Headteacher
Ansford Academy                                                       King Arthur’s School   

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