BBC News Reports March 2016

Students from the academy have been making the news for real today 10 March 2016 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish their news by 4:00 pm.  So please take a moment to read the articles below written by our students as they are published.

     School Trips at Ansford

     Helping to Support Animals


      Bats & Nine Springs

BBC News Reports March 2015

A group of our students have taken part in making the news for real today 19 March 2015 for the BBC News School Report. Our Year 7 & 8 students chose to cover either current topical news or issues that are important to them.

Please click on the articles below to read our students' articles.

River Lake and Pond Environments

Sporting Role Model or Not?

Chain Messages

The Dress

Boycott Dolce & Gabbana


Rugby Six Nations

Food Glorious Food 

Becky Watts

Comic Relief

Behind the Race Track

Jeremy Clarkson 'fracas' with Producer

Beekeeping - Pupils Make Money from Honey

Still Chicken Mad

Music Row

Is Graphene the Future?

Primark Scandals

BBC News Report March 2014

A group of Academy students took part in the BBC school news report covering either current topical news or issues that are important to them on Thursday 27th March 2014.

Our Animals at Ansford Academy

Here at Ansford we have many animals; we have a dog called Osian which is looked after by Ms Evans and her tutor group.

We have two goats called Bill and Greg who are looked after by the goat club (year 7 - 11) and we have the chickens.  

We have 2 chicks, 4 hens and one cockerel.  They are all looked after by the chicken club (year 7-11)

Interview with our BBC News Reporters

Casey, Oscar, Callom and Casey.

Why did you focus on the animals?

Because the animals are an important asset to the community at Ansford.  All the students enjoy and respect the animals, their privacy, their home.

Why do you thing the animals are important?

The animals are important because they help the students learn, it makes the academy feel more like a home than a school.  If people are having a bad day the animals can make them feel better and a lot happier.