Guidance and Monitoring

At Ansford we truly believe that the success of each individual students comes about through the hard work of teachers, the aspiration and a desire to succeed in students and the support and guidance provided by families, parents and guardians. Some of the ways we support this philosophy are:


Our Student Support Team offers support and guidance on a daily basis in a wide range of areas .  Additionally, there are a number of external agencies who work within the Academy to support students and their families.  These include parenting support, counselling and medical advice.  


Students receive achievement points in every lesson. This enables us to celebrate successes and provide targeted support to encourage a positive learning environment.  Every student has a weekly review with their tutor to monitor these and track access to the half termly reward system."

Tutor Reviews

Three times each year every tutor group is discussed on a student by student basis to make sure that each student is happy and doing well. Where an issue might arise we will look to take action quickly to support them in whichever lesson or aspect of their school, or home life, is causing them concern.


Year 7 students will receive a report at the end of each term.

Every student in Year 8 – Year 11 will receive ‘interim’ reports throughout the academy year. This will show a target level/ grade for each subject as well as a progress level/ grade to ensure that parents/ guardians are well informed regarding progress and can support their child effectively, alongside the Academy. In addition students in Year 11, Year 9 and Year 7 will receive a full written report that will provide a deeper commentary on a subject by subject basis.

Careers Advice

We support students throughout their time at Ansford to see a bigger picture for their education.

Following government changes to education in 2014 every student is now required to stay in education, either an apprenticeship or a mix of work and learning once they leave Ansford Academy up until the age of 18.

Students have access to outstanding careers advice through our independent careers advisor, Wendy Watson, who is available every Monday and Wednesday to meet with students (and indeed parents/ guardians should they wish to attend). Students in Year 8 – Year 11 receive a programme of careers education and guidance which is delivered through tutors.

Updated Sep 2016