Caring for Students

We have a lively and enjoyable induction programme to ensure a successful transition between primary and secondary school.  This introduces the academy to prospective students and parents, explains its ethos and allows individuals to raise questions and concerns they may have.

The Academy is divided into five-year groups, each of about 130 students, in five tutor groups. Each student has a tutor whose role is to monitor that young person’s academic and personal development. A Personal Development Programme ensures that students progress and develop skills and confidence to supplement the academic curriculum.

Year groups 7,8 & 9 are supported by Mr Roberts Assistant Principal of the lower Academy. Year groups 10 and 11 are supported by Miss Dukes, Assistant Principal to the upper Academy.  There is access to a range of external agencies to support individual students and their families where this is appropriate. The Academy opened its own Health Centre in 2010, working with local GPs, the Youth Service and Connexions to provide easier access to medical and well-being services. 

Ansford operates a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy which incorporates the key measures the school has in place.

Our Student Support Team

 Shane Roberts  Assistant Principal - Inclusion & Achievement
 Maz Turner  Head of Transition & Y7
 Mel Whittaker-Young  Head of Year 8 & 9
 Carlie Harrison  Head of Year 11
 Robin Grimes  SENCO
 Jane Rossiter  SEN Support
 Jules Richards  Head of Year 10

We aim to keep class sizes at 25 with none above 30.

For academic purposes there are eight faculties each area led by a Subject Improvement Leader: -

English - Rob Osborne & Lizzie Rice

Mathematics - Christopher Battle & Jackie Jesty

Science & DT - Sam Wignell

Humanities - Ben Willson

Modern Foreign Languages - Claire Kenchington

Creative Arts - Kerri Marshfield

Physical Education - Thomas Cue

Special Educational Needs - Robin Grimes

Updated Sep 2017