Students in Year 7 and 8 embark on a new curriculum in September 2016.  Schemes of learning in all subjects have been designed to ensure that students acquire the subject skills, knowledge and understanding that equip them for success at GCSE and beyond.  All schemes of learning have been created in line with government programmes of study in each subject.

At Ansford we believe that students are most successful when they are autonomous learners who are able to take responsibility for their learning.  With this in mind we have reorganised the way that students learn.  There are a number of key components to the organisation of learning;

  1. English, Maths, Science and Languages are timetabled and taught as distinct subjects. Online resources have been developed that allow students to access work which is appropriate to where they are and allows them to see the learning journey ahead rather than just what they are learning in a particular lesson or topic.
  2. Humanities, Arts and Technology subjects are taught in 10 weekly ‘Themes’ which connect distinct subject learning delivered by subject specialists.
  3. Each theme begins with a ‘kick off’ phase designed to immerse students in the themes and culminates in a ‘mission’ requiring students to apply what they have learnt in different subjects throughout the theme course.
  4. In all subjects students will experience a mixture of traditional taught lesson, lectures and workshops.
  5. Workshops are lessons where students work independently on tasks they have agreed with their teachers.  During workshop lessons a teacher will be available at all times to support learning.
  6. All students have regular coaching meetings with their tutor which are designed to support them to organise their work and reflect on what has gone well and next steps.
  7. An online learning platform which gives students access  to course outlines, learning goals for every topic in every subject and tasks to consolidate their learning.  
  8. Independent learning tasks may be completed in workshop time and at home, breaking down the notion that homework is something distinct from learning in the school day.

The learning platform contains course overviews and subject introductions which are designed to draw students in and give them the big picture. As parents you are able to access the learning platform using your child’s login.   Courses in all subjects are currently under construction so more information will be added to the learning platform as they are developed throughout the year.