Duke of Edinburgh's Award


The bronze DofE Award is offered to year 10 students. The award develops students’ skills, confidence and importantly a view on life that employers, colleges and universities are looking for.

Whilst enrolled on the award students are expected to complete a personal programme of activities designed to challenge them both physically and mentally. The award consists of 4 disciplines which all enrolled students will be required to complete.

They are: -

·         Volunteering in the their community

·         Regularly participating in a physical activity

·         Learning a new skill

·         Completing an expedition (including training weekends and walks)

Please see the DofE coordinator Mr Richards in Science if you would like to get involved, whether you are a complete novice or have lots of experience in the area.


   Working over a period of time providing support for a group or
   local  community organisation or taking a short course in a designated area, e.g. first aid  


  Quite wide ranging but with same parameters as the Hobby.  


  To follow an interest or skill e.g. photography over a period of six
  months and show measurable improvement. Usually this is monitored
  by an adult with an interest in the field of study.      


  Including practice walks, camps and training sessions.