Explorium at Ansford

"I am excited that Ansford Academy is the first school in the country to host Explorium on-site. I encourage all our students to take full advantage of the creative opportunities Explorium offers and to ensure they integrate this very real world learning into their academic week."  Shonogh Pilgrim, Principal

Why Explorium and Ansford Academy are collaborating

Helping children find their passion and purpose in life is what unites Explorium and Ansford Academy. By working together we can ensure that alongside their academic studies they are learning about the direction they may take as they move on to further education and employment.

What Explorium does

Explorium supplements children’s academic learning with creative opportunities and experiences that are much closer to the real world. This offers them the right combination of structure and freedom to explore, experiment and discover their real-world skill set. We call this 'Learning from the Inside Out'.

How this helps

This empowers our children to play to their​ strengths and spend time exploring their passions - you can see it in their eyes - it is like the lights have been switched on. They get to better understand who they are, develop their own unique talents and find the courage to be themselves. This enables them to carve out paths to adulthood that are right for them.

How can your child access Explorium?

We offer a variety of learning opportunities during the school week. As we do not receive government funding there is a cost associated with attending our sessions. Pupil premium funding is available for parents who qualify and you will need to talk directly with the school to access that.

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