Academy Transport

At the Academy the 80-85% our out students are transported to and from the Academy on a bus.  The remaining 15-20% travel by car, share a lift with a friend or walk to school.

Catchment Area - Upton Noble Transport

It has been agreed with Somerset County Council that students in Upton Noble catchment area who use the Frome to Bruton service bus (which then becomes the Bruton to Ansford school bus) will, from April 2012 only pay a single out of catchment area fare (£720 per year less 10% if paid in full by the end of August).  The catchment area fare typically increases annually in September.

As the double payment anomaly has now been removed for the whole Upton Noble primary school catchment area, governors of Ansford Academy have agreed not to change its catchment area.

Parents seeking clarification about any aspect of transport to the Academy should contact Samantha Elsworth on 01963 350895
County Transport on Freephone 
0300 123 2224.

To apply for transport you must contact the Local Authority on 0300 123 2224.

Updated Sep 2016